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Gabe Okins 2-13-14
Cupped and Committed Decoys
These decoys brought my spread to life. The attractive power of these is unbelievable we had birds so high you could barely see them come all the way down right to the Cupped and Committed Canada decoys. They helped produce one of the best days in the field ever. Its even fun to move them in the spread during a hunt because the birds will finish right over them every time plus they draw attention away from the blinds!


James Hinton 4-8-13

Sunglass Hauler

Absolutely awesome product! I have used these religiously for the past 6 years. Saved my Costa Brine’s on multiple occasions. I have worn them to the point that they have needed replacing. On my third pair now! They are comfortable and they work! I wouldn’t waste my money on any other product. These actually have a purpose, to float your glasses and keep them from going into the deep blue!! Buy them!


Corey Anderlie   6-28-2012
Limit supreme lanyard &; Big Top decoy bag
limit supreme is hands down the best lanyard on the market, very comfortable and dont have to worry about your calls getting all tangled together. big top decoy bag is the only way to go when texas rigging, no more struggling puting decoys away or taking them out.Dont take 3 people to put decoys away with this bag either cause i stands up by itself.


Renee Tomala   6-27-2012
White Fleece Beanie
Love the hat! The DVD was great too, good camera shots and huntin. Thanks guys!

Brett Andrews
Product used
Fleece Beanies
I have a white &; a black fleece beanie and they are by far the warmest &; windproof beanies ive worn! They cover your ears unlike &; are THICK unlike some other beanies ive tried in the past for ALOT more money!

Brett Andrews
Product used
Backpacker Sling
Hands down the most comfortable sling on the market! I can carry my heavy barrel coyote gun all day with this sling and still have both hands free for carrying decoy &; ecaller. Alot less strain &; fatigue on my shoulders than traditional slings.

Brett Andrews
Product used
Big Top Decoy Bag
By far the easiest to use decoy bag on the market! Makes for easy loading &; unloading of decoys. Works great for traditional rigged decoys or the slidding weight rigged decoys. Can fit a TON of decoys yet efficient enough to make setup and take down of decoy spread extremely fast!

Logan Hardy
Product used
The Strandle
As far as it comes to game straps The Strandle is by far the best on the market. It’s 4 loops on each side with a firm handle in the middle always helps for the longer hauls to the blind.

Tom Hindman
Zink Calls
Product used
Strandle &; Limit Supreme
Can’t say enough good thing about these two products! There are with me everytime I’m hunting ducks &; geese. I can cary a heavy load of birds &; the Strandle wont slip off my shoulder. The Limit Supreme lanyard is all comfortable &; my call don’t bang together.

Hunter Johnson
Product used
Big Top Decoy Bag
This Big Top bag is the real deal! As owner of Gumbo Calls, I have guided hunters for 14 years and hunt nearly everyday of the season. Decoy bags are always a problem! Whether it’s off season storage, transportation in the pickup or enclosed trailer, or hunting out of a boat. Last summer I got 2 of these big top bags and thought I would just use them for storage because they were so big, but when the timber flooded here in Arkansas and we started using the boat everyday, we had some major clutter in the boat. 1 of these Big Top bags took the place of 4 other bags and gave us a lot more room in the boat!!! Also since it holds it’s self open, everyone in the boat got to help pick up decoys instead of sitting there holding the bag open, cutting pick up time in half! This is this most awesome decoy bags ever built!!!!!

Jason Nurmi
Product used
Dog collars, decoy bags, gun sling,
Very good quality products for hunters and dog owners. Top notch customer service.

Joel Herrling
Product used
Swap out
This is the best lanyard ever. Great to switch out calls on the fly and I like the neoprene since the paracord lanyards irritate my skin.

Richard Foxx
Product used
Limit Supreme
The Limit Sumpreme is the most comfortable Laynard I have ever used. On Maryland’s Eastern Shore we hunt hard during the season. My Limit Supreme has withstood over 8 years of Guiding and Fun Hunting and is still going strong. With the Add a Haulers you can easily change out your calls to suit the gunning situation. And did I say it was comfortable!

Joel Herrling
Product used
Goose tube
I am pretty tough on equipment and the goose tube protects my flags. It stands up to being thrown in the truck, blind or any other place. Great product. Also the goose flags are awesome and have helped me get the attention of long distance birds.

Ryan Ambrose
Product used
Duck Band Dog Collar
My dog has been wearing this for almost a year now and it still looks new. And she looks great in it.

Ryan Ambrose
Product used
Puddler Bag
This is the best bag I have ever used for hiking into a hunt. Fits 1 dozen mallard floaters perfectly and no more hitting me in the back while I walk. And Like all of Heavy Hauler Products its built to last so you know you will never have to buy another.

Ryan Ambrose
Product used
Swap Out Lanyard
Best Lanyard I have ever used. Very comfortable on my neck and has held up threw a lot of hunts. Best part is its 2 lanyards in one. Switch from one to another in just seconds!

Morning Storm Outdoors–Jake Flaa
Swap Out

100% BEST CALL LANYARD ON THE MARKET. My calls are never tangled, my neck is always comfortable and the best part I know I will never have to buy another. I know my Durable Heavy Hauler Lanyard is going to last forever and you will never see anther uncomfortable lanyard around my neck.

Swap Out 07-19-2010
Tired of tangled calls? GET THIS LANYARD!!!!, Excellant!! a real comfort for your neck. nice to have the ability to swap out calls in seconds.
Great,your calls stay separated even in layout blinds.No more fumbling for the right call.
Reasonable price for this great item.


Swap Out 07-19-2010
From: Shotgunwill, West Haven UT
Exceeds expectations! Excellent and most comfortable neck strap out there. Completely customizable and intuitive, would recommend to others. I would recommend to anyone. 5 of 5


The Strandle 04-26-2008
Game Strap, February 22, 2008
By t197 from nebraska”Works great! Over the shoulder or by the carry strap. Lots easier then without. Worth its weight in gold if you have to walk very far to your setup


Model C 04-26-2008
Very comfortable, January 16, 2008
By Anonymous Reviewer from Eastern Shore, Maryland”Plenty of room to put my ankle bands around and the calls stay in the proper place. This is a well made lanyard… if i needed another one i’d get it”


Model C 04-26-2008
Heavy Hauler Four Drop Lanyard, January 25, 2008
By jdeck3 from Greensboro, NC”Works perfect for hunters that use several different calls. Never have to try to figure out which pocket has the call I’m looking for.”


Model C 04-26-2008
Adjustable, January 28, 2008
By GreenB from Columbia, MO”What makes this lanyard so good is that it can be adjusted so that one call can be lower and the other higher or the opposite on a given day. Well make and excellent lanyard”


Model C 04-26-2008
Great product, February 20, 2008
By Wane from Charles Town, WV”I have used this landyard on many hunts and highly recommend it to anyone who needs this product. It is very well constructed.”


Sunglass Hauler 04-26-2008
Neat item, January 18, 2008
By Rhinoguy from Canada”I wear glasses for working outdoors and these do the trick. Pushed up to the frame the stay tight on my head, pushed halfway up the arms they allow me to take them off and put them on with no chance of losing them. And they float!”


Sunglass Hauler 04-26-2008
Very Nice, April 8, 2008
By Hadda from Maryland”Great accessory for anyone’s repetoire. Constantly sporting camo is a plus and they float as well…”


Model D Lanyard 01-08-2008
5 out of 5Heavy Hauler Five Drop Lanyard, October 31, 2007
By todd4archery from Marlborough, CT”This is a great heavy duty lanyard that I am very happy with. Holds my duck and geese calls along with my woody wistle. I like the thickness of the lanyard and feel comfortable that is will last for many years.”


The Strandle 01-08-2008
5 out of 5game strap, October 16, 2007
By squiggy from coloma michigan”used it a lot ,works grate everyone thought it was good”


The Strandle 01-08-2008
Customer Product Reviews Review This Product Choose a sort order Date – Newest First Date – Oldest First Rating – High to Low Rating – Low to HighOverall Rating: 5 out of 5Heavy Hauler Game Strap, November 13, 2007
By NWDuck from Seattle, WA”The quality is good on this product and it is comfortable to carry. I have yet to carry it full of ducks but I assume it will do this flawlessly. This one is kind of a no brainer, it carries ducks. It does this well. The strap handle is also a nice convenience.”


Sunglass Hauler 01-08-2008
5 out of 5Never Again, October 7, 2007
By Smaz from Richland, WA”This is a great product for the hunter who is taking his shades on and off. You never again have to worry anout them falling off your hat on to the ground or into the water. Just got back from goose and duck hunting in Saskatchewan and they came in very handy, I always knew where my shades were.”


Swap Out 01-08-2008
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Comfort for calls, October 1, 2007
By ETodd from PNW”This gem is just that. This lanyard allows me to have multiple calls for ducks and then I can swap out for my goose calls rather than trying to carry 2 different lanyards and dealing with all the tangles. The neoprene strap makes me feel like I’m not carrying 5 calls below my neck. I will have all of my days out hunting this season with no pain in the neck.”


Swap Out 01-08-2008
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5Best I’ve Ever Had, December 12, 2007
By DX1187 from Quitman, Tx”I wasn’t real sure about this lanyard when I first took it out of the package. After sitting down and putting the drops where I wanted them and then placing the call on the drops, things started looking better. Now, after hunting several times with this lanyard, I have fallen in love with it. No tangles and no reaching and grabbing the wrong call. I would reccomend it to anyone.”


Limit Supreme 01-08-2008
“the heavy hauler lanyard is very confertable, and usefull for switchen call on the “FLY”… this is a very good product i would recommend it to everyone that is in this sport….to get on”


Swap Out lanyard 01-02-2008
I looked at every lanyard on the market for what I wanted in a lanyard, I even tried to make exactly what I wanted myself until I saw the
Heavy Hauler. I just got it in the mail and no more tangled, uncomfortable, rubbing my neck lanyard. You can move the calls wherever you want
them and with the swivel double loops they spin and don’t tangle. This is the best lanyard on the market or internet, period. Love the product and its priced right
I mean every word… Awesome
Brent ChanceNashville, TN


Limit Supreme 11-27-2007
Comment: Hey guys, I currently have your limit supreme lanyard and
am very pleased with it, no tangles no clanking and most of all
comfortability. I have never had a lanyard with all of the above
Thanks, Ben Marleau


Limit Supreme 11-27-2007
Comment: To the good people at heavy hauler outdoor gear: I just
finished my first season with the limit supreme lanyard around my
neck. I have to say it is one of the finest & most comfortable
lanyards I\’ve had the pleasure of using. It keeps my duck and
goose calls in perfect working position while keeping the calls
from tangling at those critical moments. Please accept my
compliments on a well made dependable product…I am proud to wear


Limit Supreme 09-24-2007
This will be the second season with this lanyard and I
am extremely happy with it. I love the versitility it
offers. I switch duck calls on and off or different
goose call to match the situations I encounter in the
field. Great product! I purchased this lanyard at
Sportsmans Warehouse in West Bend,WI
Mac Island calls


Add On Call Haulers 04-11-2007
“nice well made item for attaching extra calls to lanyard. The swivel eye can be cut and removed to secure both ends of your favorite calls.”
blrmkr from MN 11-22-07


Add On Call Haulers 04-11-2007
“Great product that lets you add additional calls to you existing lanyard.”
HPD11 from Colorado-11-21-06


Model C lanyard 04-11-2007
“this is my first lanyard, i didnt purchase it but recieved it asa gift from a contest. It’s a pretty good lanyard and i like the knot in the middle that slides to seperate the calls. The design is nice and it feels rugged. Im glad having a heavy hauler lanyard as my first”


The Strandle 04-11-2007
“The heavy hauler is a must for people that hunt with a lot of gear or that plan on packing out more than one bird. It allows you to throw the ducks or gesse over your shoulder or carry up to eight in one hand COMFORTABLY. Straping the birds on does take a little brains but once you figure it out this product is well worth the price. Since I bought my first one I have also purchased another. A MUST HAVE for any waterfowler weither you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned vet.”
wingsetter99, Redding, Ca. 3-27-07


Limit Supreme 04-11-2007
I just wanted to take the time to compliment you on a GREAT product. Your Limit Supreme Call Lanyard is the finest lanyard I have ever owned. I was pleased with the comfort of the wide neckstrap and the versatility with which I could move or remove calls whenever I had the need. I was also pleased with how I could keep my four calls apart, which made it easy to find the call I wanted without looking down, or worse having a tangled mess.The knot holding ability of the call straps is awesome. Once they are cinched down, they do not work loose or become untied. I lost the end piece of one of my favorite calls several years ago because of a faulty knot, and trust me, this was the first thing I checked when I received your lanyard.You have a great website too, with lots of cool products for not only waterfowl, but my other passion, which is dog training. I will be placing an order soon for a double whistle lanyard and the Stride Out II snap lead.I know you are on board with us as a video sponsor here at Big Foot, and it would be easy for some to think I’m writing this because of that. But that is not the case, the fact is that you have made a great product for the serious waterfowler, and I can’t wait to try more of the products you have.Rob Sirowy 4-11-07


The Strandle 02-24-2007
I love to hunt. My first passion is bow hunting but just this year I was
introduced into duck hunting and I absolutely love it. I read about THE
STRANDLE in one of my hunting magazines and decided I needed to get one.
They look cool and practical. I can’t wait to try it out. I also heard
about your products through my hunting partners. They all have Heavy Hauler
lanyards.In the field, your equipment is one thing you rely on for your success.
There is nothing that beats good quality and reliability. Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear
equipment is that kind of product. Thanks.Kyle 10-25-06


Limit Supreme 02-24-2007
Comment: I recently bought the Limite Supreme call lanyard and I really like
it but it does not have enough loops for my calls and whistles because we
shoot ducks and geese out of the same spread. Can I buy additional loops for
the lanyard and if so, how much are they? Also, I recently purchased your
heavy duty leather game strap and wanted to say how nice it is and how much I
like it. Thanks, Aaron Hommel


Limit Supreme 02-24-2007
Comment: Hi My name Is Jason Topper from Pa. To let you know a little about
myself I am currently on the prostaff with Drake clothing as well as a sales
rep w/ Higdon decoys. I wanted to tell you after
using several different lanyards over the past few years yours has been the
best I have found that has allowed me to move calls as needed without them
tangeling up while giving me more comfort around my neck.


The Strandle 02-24-2007
“this carrier is easy to use, the straps open and go around the birds head very easy and quickly. As a shoulder or hand unit its works great either way, I highly recomend it. JIM”
Chico, Ca.-11-14-06


The Strandle 02-24-2007
“Great game tote. Ive been using it for a year now and it is still good as new. Good quality and will hold them mallards real nice.”
NebraskaWaterfowl from Omaha, NE-12-11-06


Sunglass Hauler 02-24-2007
“Let’s see-its not red or blue or black- that’s right- its camo. It matches my glasses and it keeps your glasses close. good product.”
DTF1 from MN-11-28-06


Add Ons 02-24-2007
“Great product that lets you add additional calls to you existing lanyard.”
HPD11 from Colorado-11-21-06


Add Ons 02-24-2007
“nice well made item for attaching extra calls to lanyard. The swivel eye can be cut and removed to secure both ends of your favorite calls.”
blrmkr from MN-11-22-06


Limit Supreme 02-24-2007
“Having spent the last 10 years trying out different lanyards in that quest for the best, I have tried everything from single strands with single loops to triple-braided “supreme” lanyards with double loops. I own over 75 top quality calls, all costing more than $100, so quality double loop lanyards are a priority. I hunt for 6-10 hours each day, so comfort is a MUST. I hunt 50-60 days of our 60 day season, so durability is a MUST.
Until now, I had not been able to find a lanyard that could: a) handle the every day stress of a long duck season; b) provide unmatched protection of my high-end acrylic calls with easy-to-maneuver double loop slip knots that you can adjust WITH GLOVES ON!!; c) offer optional add-on loops for expanding my calling arsenal; d) offering a wide neoprene neck strap for reduced neck fatigue AND buoyancy (not that I ever plan on dropping it in the water); e) give me a FREE game tote with purchase; f) do all of this at a comparable price to the other “supreme” lanyards on the market.
I have recommended this lanyard to ALL of my duck hunting buddies, and they feel as I do about the unmatched quality, durability, adaptability, and price of the Heavy Hauler Limit Supreme Lanyard. It is definitely a “2 thumbs-up” in every category. Absolutely the finest on the market.”
Duckman Dave-Lumberton, North Carolina


Model A 02-24-2007
I just ordered a Model A lanyard last week, received it today, and
love it.
Jason Boulanger