Whether hunting divers,  puddlers, or honkers always be on the X with The Raft O' Ducks decoy anchor system.  Set in a  J, V, C or X (with 2 rigs) formation creating multiple "kill holes"  or run in a line for divers.  Keep decoys clipped to mainline and store in The Big Top Decoy bag for fast, easy set up and pick up.

2 built in 1.5 lb H-shaped anchor/line keepers

18 30 inch droplines with 4” snaps and large swivel clips
made of tangle resistant 400 lb monofilament

150 feet of heavy braided mainline rope

Some formations may require an additional weight be clipped to mainline. Pushing the anchors into the sand/mud bottom when in current or high wind is recommended.

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Price: $39.99

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