Welcome to the 2012 Season

We’re happy to welcome you all to the NEW face of Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear.  2012 looks to be a fantastic year for all of us in the waterfowl world.  Reports are in that we should be seeing record numbers of birds this fall as long as the weather moves them along in an orderly fashion.  If we’re all lucky  we should see our efforts result in some tremendous hunting this year.   Last year saw warm weather all the way to Canada halt the normal migration of birds to us in the lower 50.  Anyone lucky enough to hunt Northern South Dakota in December, myself included, can attest to the amazing number of birds that held up on the flooded James river and open corn fields.

Early birds made their way on through for some good shooting, the late season stall of birds resulted in many disappointed weekend hunters, avid go-getters, and outfitting services as there was nothing to hunt.   Currently it looks as if the lack of rain may result in fewer hunting spots this fall.  Those “automatic” water holes we look to each year on the opener and many times throughout the season may be just dirt by November if some areas don’t get the precipitation we need.  All I can say is lets all hope for the best.  I’m as anxious as anyone to get out there and enjoy the many things we all look forward to each day we set foot on our favorite wetland area.   All the best to everyone as the scorching days of summer pass us by.  In a matter of weeks we’ll all be traveling to our local retailers for waterfowl weekends and other waterfowl related events.   Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear looks forward to hearing from and meeting as many of you as we can in  the days to come.

All the best in the field

Jason Bird-President HHOG